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About Us

 Divas and Devils HOUSE of STYLE is the love child created by Carlos and Michelle. First established over by the college in the Summer of 96, Michelle age 23, inspired by her past, in love with her present and dreaming of her future opened Velvet Vintage, 600 square feet filled with rare treasures she'd collected.  The space was a time capsule dripping with nostalgia and adorned with pieces of the past. With no prior experience, Michelle simply followed her heart, and lived and learned. A year later, Carlos and Michelle would become neighbors when he opened a record shop next door and fittingly, called it Divas and Devils. It was designed to supply the local DJs with a place to find new music, collaborate with world known artists and promote the electronic music scene.  The businesses complimented each other so well that they eventually opened up a doorway between the two boutiques.  It would appear that the two were organically creating a life together.
Over the years the boutiques grew into something special. Together they hosted many memorable events ranging from underground warehouse parties to multiple fashion shows, Halloween parties and photo shoots. Life was good. As the electronic music scene began to change, so did Divas and Devils. They ordered less music and brought in clothing. The designer clothing did extraordinarily well and Divas and Devils grew to be one of the largest designer denim houses in the southeast US. 
In 2011, 15 years later, the boutiques would enter a new chapter in life. Michelle's vision for the boutiques evolved into a more mature version. She moved them to Midtown into a historical building she had been dreaming of for years. Not only did the location change, but the name and concept as well.
With a leap of faith, she took a deep breathe and exhaled new life into Divas and Devils HOUSE of STYLE on the corner of 6th and Monroe. 
The new concept was to create a space where the vintage and designer clothing could live under one roof complimenting each other and creating looks that were unique, irreplicable and fun. She changed the way she bought for the store, too. As a buyer, it wasn't about carrying brands anymore, it was totally piece driven. She would purchase pieces from hundreds of different company's from all over the globe and mix that with one of a kind vintage finds to curate her own unique collection. Here you'll find perfectly worn-in boots from the 60s, your favorite designer jeans, along with an incredible embroidered kimono. The HOUSE of STYLE was inspired by childhood memories, driven by passion and fueled with love.